A little fun with the treadmill (Deadmill)

I like to have fun with the timer during my classes. Tonight was the Oreo workout. 1st round and 3rd round is the same and the middle is usually a cardio exercise.

Tonight I was getting my class to run on the treadmill (with it off) and rest for the second round. Then run again for the third.

BUT!!! Someone in my class gave me a challenge of doing both feet at the same time… Challenge accepted!

We did the run, hop then run. What a great way to test how much air you can breath in and out after an exercise.

Don’t wait the 12 weeks before we head outside. Come on in and have some fun with us while we wait.

Your first class is always complimentary.

If you have an exercise you’d like to try during a class, bring it up, maybe we’lol do it. 😁

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