Starting on a treadmill?

Here are some things to remember, when using a treadmill to get in your steps. 

When setting your speed, try not to worry about the number on the speed window and choose a pace that you would normally do when going for a brisk walk outside.   

Start with a comfortable pace to allow your body to warm up and adjust. Once you can walk without fear of falling off the treadmill, increase the speed accordingly. 

Try not to hang on. You might want to hang onto the handrails when you first start, but you should let go once you are comfortable. 

When you hang on, you put way too much pressure on your lower back. You have a natural movement when you walk, and when you hold onto the hand rails, you change that movement pattern. Holding the rails doesn’t allow your lower back to move and distribute the rotation forces.

Place the treadmill at a 2 or 3 incline. This small incline will simulate the extra energy you use when walking outside. 

Remember: walking at a high incline and holding on is a no-no. You’ll still be walking perpendicular to the treadmill and not maximizing your time. Using the incline properly is best for all your joints and muscles.

Walking outside differs from the treadmill as you pull your body along the ground to move forward. When you’re on the treadmill, all you have to do is pick up your foot and place it down ahead of you and the tread moves your foot back, mainly using the front of your hips to do the work.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding treadmill training or would like to ask any other fitness related question. I’ll send out a post answering your questions.

If you know of anyone who would enjoy reading this, please share. Thank you for reading.


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