Winging it for our boot camp.

The class today was smaller than usual. Some on vacation, some hurt and some just had other commitments.

For the three that did come, I thought I’d mix it up a bit.

We did a timed circuit where you’re the timer. How ever long it took you to do the rope exercise, was how long everyone else did the extra exercises.

Since I was playing along with everyone, I only had my phone set up for the rope.

The girls picked the exercises they wanted for the round.

The video was sped up to save you time. Seeing someone pull in a rope with a Bulgarian Training Bag (25lb) is kinda boring.

Just like any class, modifications were made. If you’re nursing an injured back, shoulder hip or anything else, we modify. This way, you can still get the most of the workout without having to sit on the sidelines.

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