A little fun with the treadmill (Deadmill)

I like to have fun with the timer during my classes. Tonight was the Oreo workout. 1st round and 3rd round is the same and the middle is usually a cardio exercise.

Tonight I was getting my class to run on the treadmill (with it off) and rest for the second round. Then run again for the third.

BUT!!! Someone in my class gave me a challenge of doing both feet at the same time… Challenge accepted!

We did the run, hop then run. What a great way to test how much air you can breath in and out after an exercise.

Don’t wait the 12 weeks before we head outside. Come on in and have some fun with us while we wait.

Your first class is always complimentary.

If you have an exercise you’d like to try during a class, bring it up, maybe we’lol do it. 😁

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12 Weeks to go!

12 weeks and counting.

Looking forward to new types of training and things to play with.

Check us out on our web site and come on by for a complimentary workout.

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Yoga and Men’s stretch & strength class

The next 6 week Yoga Session starts on Tuesday, February 26th!

Custom Fitness yoga

Contact us now, to reserve your space.

Our classes are designed for those with beginner to moderate yoga experience, focusing on balance, strength and mobility. We’ll practice the basics and add in some new poses, as we progress through the six week session.

Classes run every Tuesday, from 5:45 to 6:30pm until April 2nd.

Six weeks of Yoga for only $15 per class ($90).

We look forward to seeing you in class!


Are you wanting to improve your golf game?!

Are having difficulty bending down to pick up your kids/grandkids?

Are you suffering for a tight/sore back?

During the 45 minute class, you’ll be moving in all directions. Each week, you will be challenged with different movement patterns designed to increase your range of motion and flexibility, while strengthening and stretching the right way.

Join in on our men’s stretch and strengthen class and get your mobility back!

The Men’s Class will be held at our studio,

from Thursday, February 21st to March 14

Class times will be 7:30 – 8:15pm.

Cost is only $60.

Starting on a treadmill?

Here are some things to remember, when using a treadmill to get in your steps. 

When setting your speed, try not to worry about the number on the speed window and choose a pace that you would normally do when going for a brisk walk outside.   

Start with a comfortable pace to allow your body to warm up and adjust. Once you can walk without fear of falling off the treadmill, increase the speed accordingly. 

Try not to hang on. You might want to hang onto the handrails when you first start, but you should let go once you are comfortable. 

When you hang on, you put way too much pressure on your lower back. You have a natural movement when you walk, and when you hold onto the hand rails, you change that movement pattern. Holding the rails doesn’t allow your lower back to move and distribute the rotation forces.

Place the treadmill at a 2 or 3 incline. This small incline will simulate the extra energy you use when walking outside. 

Remember: walking at a high incline and holding on is a no-no. You’ll still be walking perpendicular to the treadmill and not maximizing your time. Using the incline properly is best for all your joints and muscles.

Walking outside differs from the treadmill as you pull your body along the ground to move forward. When you’re on the treadmill, all you have to do is pick up your foot and place it down ahead of you and the tread moves your foot back, mainly using the front of your hips to do the work.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding treadmill training or would like to ask any other fitness related question. I’ll send out a post answering your questions.

If you know of anyone who would enjoy reading this, please share. Thank you for reading.

Having some fun in class

Durning some of the classes we like to mix it up a bit. Today we (I) had the great idea of doing a parkour inspired class.

There’s no volume, but imagine someone yelling “Parkour!!” As they jump and swing.

Playing like kids at a park is great for your body and soul.

Come on out and give us a try.

This Saturday will be our body weight class at St.Matthews church (126 Plains Road East). If this is going to be your first class, come by a few minutes early.

If you’re already coming to class and want to bring a friend, great. Their class AND your class is free!

Winging it for our boot camp.

The class today was smaller than usual. Some on vacation, some hurt and some just had other commitments.

For the three that did come, I thought I’d mix it up a bit.

We did a timed circuit where you’re the timer. How ever long it took you to do the rope exercise, was how long everyone else did the extra exercises.

Since I was playing along with everyone, I only had my phone set up for the rope.

The girls picked the exercises they wanted for the round.

The video was sped up to save you time. Seeing someone pull in a rope with a Bulgarian Training Bag (25lb) is kinda boring.

Just like any class, modifications were made. If you’re nursing an injured back, shoulder hip or anything else, we modify. This way, you can still get the most of the workout without having to sit on the sidelines.

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Burlington Fitness Boot Camp

Here’s some fun we have in our studio classes. We use our climbing wall, spinning bike, whole body vibration, sand bags and lots of other toys to have a great class.

Your first class is always free, so come on by and try it out.

Check out our web site at http://www.CustomFitness.ca to see what other classes you can join.

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Oreo workout!

I love themed boot camp classes. Todat was the Oreo workout. We did the double stuff then a regular round.

First and last exercise was a resistance one and the middle exercises were the cardio.

We do MOM, ISO, 20/20/20, 60/40/20 and Olympic themed workouts.

No DAD one yet. 😢. Every exercise can be modified to your fitness level or injury. Send me a note and your first class is free.

#CustomFitness #BurlingtonBootCamp #BurlingtonPersonalTrainer #BurlingtonYoga #OutdoorFitness #StairFitness #ChrisBoucher #BootCamp #Fitness #GymLife #GroupTraining #ParkFitness #BodyWeight #Fitness #aldershotfitness #bootcampfitnesscircuit